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We developed a passion for wine and hospitality in our early twenties. Fueled by curiosity and a love for new experiences we began a self guided exploration of wine and food. Eventually we moved past simply sharing wines with friends and began researching new regions, winemaking styles, and the philosophies of winemakers we adored. It wasn't obvious at the time, but this developmental period slowly shifted our preferences and opinions on the industry and what it means to us.

Fast forward 8 years, we are both working in and around wine & hospitality, as well as growing what we call Horse Devours.

Making wines that give you a glimpse into our life experience, love for wine, nature, and people.

What are we doing? First and foremost, we want to make delicious and accessible wines. The larger picture involves a bit more. Wine is mysterious to many people, how it's made, what goes into it, and who makes it all happen is often brushed over. What people are left with is a consumable product and a story that is more or less a well rehearsed sales pitch. We want to share everything, from how fruit was farmed, how we perceive  it, and how we turn it into the wine that goes in your glass, or porrón, or beer bong, or mouth. Who are we to judge what you do with it?!

Our wines aren't guided by people making wine in places on the other side of the world. Tradition and history is important, but letting that guide every decision isn't going to lead to a unique or new experience.

"We want to share what Oregon has to offer."

We want to share what Oregon has to offer. Our varying climate, soil and altitude allows for an incredible opportunity to explore what's possible. The wines we make and share with you are made with love and curiosity. A willingness to try something different is what leads us to new places and experiences. That's how we think about life & how we approach making wine. We want the wine to speak for itself, so we intervene as little as possible. Natural wine is a polarizing subject, and we won't go as far to define it, but we do believe these wines are thoughtfully crafted with the environment and like minded people in mind. Hopefully that's you! <3

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